What Shoe Colors Go With Silver Dress? (10 Ideas)

What Shoe Colors Go With Silver Dress?

Silver dresses have some unique fashion attribute that makes them stand out no matter the occasion. Creating an iconic fashion entrance has always been possible with silver dresses however your choice of footwear can play a vital role as well. Many neutral colors combine nicely with silver, and you just have to find them out.

One of the advantages of having a silver dress in your closet is that it looks great on any skin tone and according to research, wearing silver is linked to increasing energy levels and balancing moods. This is also why the silver dress is the first outfit that comes to mind when we think of the Christmas holidays.

Silver is the biggest color of the season, and you should not hesitate to dress up yourself in that color. Combining silver with the appropriate shoes is vital for adding a touch of sophistication and glamour.

While silver shoes go with the silver dress, it can tend to look ordinary and common. Hence, we have gathered some of the best shoe colors to go with silver.

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What Shoes Color Go With Silver Dress?

The right shoe is important no matter what you are wearing. Silver dresses are not meant for elaborate events alone, they are also ideal for casual occasions, and you just need the right shoes to complement them.

Combining silver with the right shoes can also be the perfect way to express our fashion taste and below are the perfect color shoes to pair with a silver dress.

1. Sequin Silver With White Chunky Heels

White shoe and silver dress
Image: Getty images

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White is pretty much the reflective version of silver, so it does make lots of sense to have it paired with a silver dress. These low heel shoes are a great idea for ladies who plan to dance all night while also being comfortable, it matches perfectly with a silver dress.

Many women avoid pairing white shoes with sequin dresses thinking it looks clumsy, but this is not true. White shoes are quite similar to silver shoes, so they can give your silver dress more edge and honestly makes it more glamorous and chic.

2. Pair With Black Shoes

Pair With Black Shoes
Image: Blog de mujeres

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Another show color we ought to have in our closet is black shoes, and we can agree that they pair nicely with any outfit. Chances are you already own a pair of black shoes, so you can simply bring out those gorgeous silver dresses to rock with them.

Black shoes create a nice contrast with a silver outfit, and it creates a classy look that can be suitable for formal events.

3. Silver Shoes

Silver Shoes
Image: Ramsha Khan

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Nothing really should stop you from going with silver on silver. Instead of looking for other shades that match your silver dress, silver is a very good idea. It makes your whole look sophisticated, and some ladies tend to frown upon this, but it can be a great way to add some femininity to your look.

4. Blue Heeled Shoes

Blue Heeled Shoes
Image: FMag.com

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If your silver dress is the really shiny one then you might want to go with a color that lies between simple and colorful. Blue shoes can give a contrasting elegance to your silver dress. This combo is not too hard to pull off.

5. Silver Dress With Pink Shoe

Silver Dress With Pink Shoe
Image: Daily Mail/Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian in this image above already shows that you can pull off pink shoes with a silver dress. The combo can be regarded as the iconic fashion outfit we often never consider but turns out stunning and chic. The result of pairing pink shoes with a silver dress is a stunning outfit suitable for a girl’s night out or dinner events.

You might think these two colors do not coordinate, but it does provide you stick to the black or gray types of silver.

6. Animal Printed Shoes

Animal Printed Shoes
Image: The Chic Pursuit

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If you are not really into looking shiny and need to divert your attention somewhere else, go with animal-printed shoes. Pairing animal-printed shoes with a silver dress might sound too much it’s a cool contrast that can give you a way to add power to your outfit. This can be edgy but feminine at the same time.

7. Pair With Burgundy Shoes

Burgundy Shoes
Image: Etsy

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If I do have to personally suggest a shoe that can be unexpectedly glamorous with silver, it is the burgundy color. The combo forms a ladylike outfit that can be suitable for formal events or date nights out. Burgundy is also a great way to add some color to your outfit and it’s also ideal if you are looking to create a more festive and fun look.

8. Nude/Neutral Shoe Color

Neutral shoes with silver dress
Image: awedbymonica

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Often when we can’t get our hands on a black shoe, the next choice that comes to mind is a neutral colors shoe. This color has also been discovered to pair nicely with any color, so you do not have to worry about pairing it with your silver dress.

Nude shoes are a great way to add some calmness to a silver dress especially if you are wearing particularly glittery sequin silver. Also, it makes you fresh with a subtle hint of boldness.

9. Gold Shoes

Sliver Dress With Gold Shoes
Image: Miss Lola

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Do not hesitate to mix gold shoes with a silver dress and kindly match them with two-toned jewelry that mixes silver and gold. This combination is the iconic duo we never know we can rock effortlessly unless we try. Many shades of gold complement the silver dress and for a feminine chic look, opt for the open-toe gold shoes.

10. Silver Dress With Brown Shoes

Silver Dress With Brown Shoes
Image: Boohoo

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Just as you can pair a silver dress with black shoes, you can very much go with brown as well. Brown is a nice color, and it can strike an interesting appeal to anyone and also help soften your outfit especially if you will be making bold statements using jewelry.

Brown shoes can help create a bold yet chic appearance. Since a silver dress can be a bit flashy to the eye, brown shoes can come in handy in adding a little bit of warmth to it.

Wrapping Up

With many shapes, patterns, and types of silver dresses available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect color of shoes that works with them.

The look you are planning to replicate is going to determine how bright or tone the color of the shoe you picked is. In conclusion, pair your silver dress with deeper shades when you are creating a bold look, and a cooler shade works when you need to keep a low profile.

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