21 Casual Fall Outfit Ideas For Men

Casual Fall Outfit Ideas

Even men do not want to be left out of the fashion industry. They constantly try to level up their fashion styles with guides from magazines and informative articles like this. Casual clothes as the name implies, are simple well-put-together clothing for simple occasions and events.

Men like every woman want to always be proud of their appearance. Looking neat and presentable is solely the goal of any person. Fall fashion styles are looks we can’t help but notice at every time of the year. Try to elevate your fashion sense from time to time as well. We have compiled only the best causal fall outfit for your eyes.

Looking for inspirational outfits to recreate? Then you’re at the right place. This year we do not want boring clothes anymore. We all cherish fall seasons as it’s not too hot or too cold hence, allows you to explore your choice of outfits.

The fall season gives a fun and aesthetics feeling in the air at this time leaves fall from the tree and birds constantly looking for places to stay. We are aware of things people do for fun like apple picking, camping, pumpkin plucking, and so on.

Simple Casual Fall Outfit Ideas For Men

Walking on the street with colorful leaves on the roadside is one of the best fall vibes. We have made a list of confident and comfortable fall outfit choices for men to try out during this period. Go through this article to recreate lots of the outfit ideas we’ve collected.

1. Turtleneck and Chinos Trousers


Wearing a turtleneck is not a new thing for fall. During this period you see men looking good in the high neck outfit. Although men like neutral colors to compliment nature well in their cool look. They have always been every man’s favorite outfit for fall. The sleeves can be either rolled up or left down for a more casual feel to the entire attire.

2. Jeans, Turtleneck, And Puffer Jacket


What’s a casual look without jeans? Jeans are one of the most suitable casual looks to try out. With a turtleneck and puffer jacket, the outfit is complete. Be wary not to compromise comfort to deliver on your looks. This is a very neat look that should not be taken for granted.

3. Cool Pants And Wool Sweater Outfit


Wool sweaters have that warm feeling when placed on the body and cannot be compromised. Ensuring you remain warm and cozy during fall is very important to prevent any issues with harshness and many more. You can go for smart-looking pants to suit you.

4. Baggy Pants And Sweater


You can also make use of baggy pants gracefully during fall and not regret your choice. Consider going for natural colors that are blue, brown, white, green, and so on. Although it’s fall you need to also experience the feel of the beautiful air from time to time.

5. Sweater, Turtleneck, Pants, And Puffer Jackets


You should layer as much as possible during winter this is one of the greatest things you can do for fall. This combination is a lot but when put on you’re surely going to fall in love with the look. Try out a more fitted turtleneck inner to aline with other clothes pit together.

6. Jean, Checkered Shirt, And Sweater Jacket


Over the years, Checkered shirts have become a major fashion statement piece around the world. This is not a feminine cloth but a unisex shirt for men. Regardless of the so many colorful nature of the fabric, it comes out well on the skin and with the right pants.

7. Chinos And Denim Jacket


Denim is a thick material also referred to as jeans by some people. You will be surprised there are so many ways you can style denim. A jacket is a common addition to fall outfits and this will ensure you’re not overdoing too much with your cloth.

8. White Jeans and Stripped Tee


White is a neutral color that goes with any type of color. However, for a simple tee, you’re certainly very casual like you want. On some days in the fall you might want to expose some skin and not always to k long sleeves shirts.

9. Light Washed Blue Jeans And Stripped Tee


To hop on the stripped Tee you should pick plain jeans to compliment the color. Light wash jeans are becoming the new fashionable way to wear your jeans for something more interesting and exotic about your look.

10. Trench Coat With Pants


Do not miss the chance to wear your favorite trench coat in the fall. This coat fits anyone regardless of your physical look. You still have to consider your footwear and pants to stand out adequately. This is a really cute style and can be used to replace a blazer or jacket during fall.

11. Joggers And Hoodie


Joggers are made of soft cotton material that is very soothing and easy to wear during winter. It has various benefits one is comfortable. You will wonder if joggers can be worn to outings but yes, it is one of the most casual looks you’ll ever see on any man.

12. Jeans And Biker Jacket


It’s no longer news that biker jackets give that bad-boy vibe when worn. This way you carry your outfit is also key in getting the desired result. There are many types of biker jackets also, go for a dark color jacket when trying to recreate the bad boy look.

13. Pants, Hoodies, and Trench Coat


The use of hoodies is very wide and diverse. Ensure you play around with that favorite hoodie of yours. This combo is very bossy with a good sneaker or ankle boots to complete your fall aesthetics.

14. Monochrome Denim Style


Never get tired of trying out monochrome, especially for denim. It is an effortless effort you can ever try out with your outfit. You can make use of fitted wear or simple baggy clothes which is what makes fall different from other times of the year.

15. Knitted Sweater, Baggy Pants, And Beanies


Knitted clothes are not so outdated, especially during fall bring back this memorable knitted sweater made by your mother or grandmother. Sweaters cannot be paired alone however with a fitted sweater opt for baggy pants and beanies or bead warmers.

16. Ripped Jeans With Hoodies


You might think ripped jeans shouldn’t be worn for fall but have you considered if you’re pairing them wrongly instead? No clothes should be neglected because of a change in weather all you need do is match them up accurately. It would help if you also have a hoodie in your closet you’ll need it this fall.

17. Skinny Jeans And Black Hoodie


Stand out amongst the crowd with a black hoodie. You might use this as a way to add some balance to your outfit and you use a different shade of jeans as well. Make sure there is harmony with both Jean and the hoodie.

18. Black Ripped Jeans And Coat


When travelling during fall wear outerwear like a coat to provide that comfort and style you need. Coats have much cloth and will serve as a cover-up during fall it is a great layering piece and will also stand out the way you want.

19. Cargo Pants With Varsity Jacket


Varsity jackets give a soft boy, classy and elegant look. The thing is Varsity jackets cannot be worn on their own hence, needs some inner wear to elevate the look. It can be buttoned down or flown over your cargo pants. The wide leg of cargo gives the spotlight to this style.

20. Turtleneck And Checkered Shirts


Asides from using turtlenecks as inner, they can also stand out alone. But mixing a plain Turtleneck with a splash of color from the shirt incorporates fall-inspired outfits on the go.

21. Chinos, Coats, And Scarfs

In place of your turtlenecks try using your scarves to cover up your neck from cold. However, you can use this as an accessory to beautify yourself. You’ll also find a variety of scarves in the knitted form to give that warm feel during fall.


When in doubt, try out the numerous choice of outfits we have listed above.

Do not have any excuse to not turn out looking good when going out for any event for fall. Fashion styles are an anchor moment for men and should not be neglected.

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